University Management System is a web enabled information management system designed to automate the entire operations of a modern university. University management system allows multi-divisional, multi-department system.
Software modules help universities and institutions of higher education manage academic year cycles and services.


  • Student Management : Maintains student life-cycle for their entire academic curriculum. This module is used for complete student record keeping right from their admission till placement. Each activity of the student is recorded in the Database.
  • Attendance Management :You can register the attendance of the student in two ways. One,as he enters the campus and second in each lecture he attends. Both system can be integrated to the RFID and Bio-Metrics devices. This module provides automated timekeeping and attendance tracking. Attendance records can be maintained through RFID code.
  • Time-Table Management : Time-Table Generation is the major headache of any institution. Time-Table Management Module will enable you to create time-table for each division or batch.
  • Fees Management : Fees Management is completely managed on the base of the fee scheme prepared by admin. The system will identify the student, his current status, his fees history and on the basis of the records it will calculate the payable amount automatically.
  • Progress Report Management : Exam is the ultimate method of the evaluation of the student in the education system. The progress-card defines of the performance of the student in each subject and criteria.
  • Leave Management : This module manages the leave records in a systematic way. Right from leave application till its approval/rejection, is completely managed online.
  • Parents Communication : This module provides parents login for each student with authenticate password. Using this parents get to know about the profile of their child.
  • Hostel Management : This module is used to maintain the student accommodation in the hostels. This module is used to check the empty rooms and filled rooms in the hostel. Also used to display the student records.
  • Transportation Management : This module is used for transport maintenance such as vehicle routes,timings etc.


  • User friendly, browser based
  • Easy maintenance
  • High-Value activities