As small and medium sized companies become active in managing their business processes, they try to implement complex enterprise wide applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management (PM), Finance Management, and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The responsibility of executing, implementing and managing these business critical ERP Web Application is very challenging yet critical to the operational and revenue success of the company.

Appcode offers reliable and cost effective ERP Web Application Development and Customization Services. Over the years, Appcode , has gained familiarity and deep industry expertise in installing, customizing these ERP applications with global delivery capabilities that incorporates proven application development methodologies and best practices.

Openbravo is one such ERP Application which is one of the world’s most popular open source ERP application which can help small and medium sized companies automate their business processes such as Sales (CRM), Procurement, Manufacturing, Projects, Finance, MRP and much much more.

Extending the functionalities of Openbravo by integrating commercial extensions, available on the Openbravo Exchange, can also be done with ease.

Besides Openbravo, our team has expertise with other ERP applications such as OpenERP, Opentaps, Compiere, ERP5 etc.

ERP Applications Technology License
Openbravo Java Openbravo Public License (OBPL), a free software license based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL)
OpenERP Python, PostgreSQL
Opentaps Java AGPLv3
Compiere Java GPL/Commercial
ERP5 Python, Zope, MySQL GPL